Completed assignments

We have been working with small, mid-size and large companies in pharma, biotech and diagnostics. Our customers are based in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. Our assignments span a wide range of activities, as exemplified below:

  • Project leadership of drug projects in pre-clinical to early clinical phase
  • Evaluation of business plans and project plans
  • Coordination and management of complex pre-clinical in vivo studies
  • Arranged workshops to help customers set clear project objectives, perform gap analysis and to focus resources on key supporting data
  • Generation of Target Product Profiles (TPP)
  • Identification of key experiments to reach first time in man as fast and lean as possible
  • Evaluation of pre-clinical in vivo study protocols for efficacy and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Generation of early Translational Medicine plans, including plans for biomarkers and patient subgroups for early proof of concept studies in man
  • Preparation of project presentations for management teams, executive boards and investors
  • Litterature studies and consultancy to support product development, life cycle management, regulatory interactions and marketing of drug and diagnostic products

We can also offer

  • Business Development

    Great science is not enough to create a successful life science company. It is a complex and often long way from idea to a product that will bring benefit to patients and revenues to the investors.

  • Strategic Project Plans

    A good idea deserves the best possible strategy so that the full potential of the project can be explored.