We have access to a broad range of competences through our network. This page describes a selection of our collaboration partners with competences complementing our own.
  • adroitAdroit Science Sweden, is a company dedicated to the exploration and characterization of substances and formulations from a solid state point of view. We offer first class laboratory and consultancy services to the industry within solid material investigations including supportive analytical chemistry. Our extensive experience allows us to provide the relevant interpretations of the results and point out the preferred way forward for future formulation development. Adroit Science´s expert solid state knowledge includes a decisive regulatory and IP experience as well as a unique inhalation know how. Our combined competence covers the whole range from early discovery phase unto marketed products.
  • artscienceArtScience provides life science research & development consultancy.
  • mvicMVIC, Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium™, is a group of companies in the Skåne-Copenhagen region that have a world class expertise in the inhalation area. Our members have a decade, sometimes two or three decades, of advanced hands on experience of inhalation product development. Our members come from leading scientific or project management positions at AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk. MVIC was formed to bring together all individuals and companies with inhalation expertise in the Skåne and Copenhagen area.
  • nordicbiocubeNordicBiocube offer unique expertise in global processes and services for biological material. NordicBiocube has solid clinical expertise in global phase I to IV studies (including Japan and US) and related biological samples, biomarkers and exploratory biomarkers etc. Biological samples’ are your company’s treasure and a sample’s life cycle lasts much longer than your latest study. Therefore NordicBiocube core business is to assure that each customer’s biological material will fulfill chain of custody, QA and legal demands, global as well as local, both today and in the future.
  • pepticonPepticon AB, a Swedish company, is dedicated to provide highest quality peptides for academia and industry. Our organization is also offering structural design services addressing issues of biological activity, pharmacokinetic and physico-chemical properties. Additionally in collaboration with our partners we can assist our customers with the unique offering of radioactive labeling.
  • pkxpertPKxpert provides consultancy services, with expert knowledge in pharmacokinetics (PK), combined with broad experience in drug development from both big pharma and small biotech companies. PKxpert has extensive experience of small molecules as well as biologics, preclinical and clinical study designs, regulatory documentation including filing, quality assurance including audits and SOP documentation, and integration of PK with other faculties e.g. toxicology, drug metabolism, bioanalysis, statistics and pharmacology. PKxpert’s Vision is to support small drug development companies to perform the right studies with innovative study design at the right time during the development process of a lead compound.
  • redgleadRed Glead Discovery Based on competence and long-standing experience, Red Glead Discovery offers first-rate research services for drug discovery. In-house laboratory capabilities comprise medicinal chemistry, biology, analytical chemistry and ADME. An expert area is generation of chemical starting points for drug targets and to develop them into patentable lead compounds with drug-like properties and low risk profile. Our project management skills and cross-disciplinary capabilities make us a preferred partner for clients that want to develop compounds with high potential to become successful drugs.
  • Liten TKTToxicology Knowledge Team (TKT) is a recently founded consultancy company, started by dedicated toxicologists from AstraZeneca, Safety Assessment, Sweden. TKT can provide toxicological expertise to pharmaceutical projects, from safety assessment of potential drug targets to later phases with design, monitoring and review of toxicology and safety pharmacology studies, as well as the generation of regulatory documentation. We support companies and organizations that require expertise and advice in industrial hygiene and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of CHemicals). TKT has unique expertise in in silico analysis, and provides QSAR predictions for genotoxicity and other severe toxicity. TKT can also provide toxicological investigations and risk assessment of medical devices within the ISO 10993 standards.
  • ImaGeneImagene-IT provides full CRO imaging services for Academy and Industry customers

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